We created Southern Strings with a simple philosophy in mind: namely, the idea that acoustic instruments are not just items that we possess but rather tools through which we understand ourselves and the world more deeply.  This perspective is rooted in our own relationship with music and in the world we know.  We’re based in South Louisianaalong Bayou Lafourche in Thibodauxwhere activities aren’t so much distractions, but rather, the stuff of life itself, the space where it occurs, like in a good jam session. 

In this sense, to know and explore a handmade guitar is not just to explore an instrument—but to more fully encounter our own possibilities, to enter new spaces that also bring us home.  The fast-evolving world may not always see things this way, but we do.  And there’s a tremendous, global network of luthiers out there who embody it as a way of life.  Their instruments inspire us: they both represent and respond to tradition—and they forge new ways into the musical expression of tomorrow.